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Christoph «Kriz Flew» Flueler - trumpet/electronics
Kriz «Flew» Flueler (tp, synth)

After a master degree in computer science (acoustics as secondary subject, engineering a midi trumpet), Kriz studied music at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne.
1990 he started producing records in various styles of music as engineer, producer and arranger - since 2002 in his recording studio Klangfaktur.

Kriz Flew has an eclectic collection of vintage and contemporary synthesizers and engages himself in sounddesign and the expansion of acoustic sounds by synthetic processes for over 30 years.

As a brass player he performed live in all kinds of styles from classical hardbop to latin, soul, funk, reggae, pop, dance, chill out, comedy to musicals and theatre productions. His work as a studio musician and arranger is documented on more than 30 albums and on several tv and movie soundtracks. Besides the trumpet and flugelhorn he’s also an experienced tuba player. Also check out his solo project Wolkenpark.


As «Urban Voices» (a cappella jazz, 2 cds):

  • Winner «Montreux Jazz Chrysler Award 2001»

  • Winner «The Young Swiss Jazz Award 2001»

  • several international awards for the album «The Gang»


Marc Jufer - reeds
Marc Jufer (reeds)


Since 1996 saxophone teacher in several music schools and workshops (Valais/Vaud ) AVCEM / SCMV


Public performances 

Since 1993 has played with several bands, musical groups and orchestras in a wide variety of styles: classical, jazz, funk, blues, salsa, rock, reggae, disco, French songs, contemporary music and African music. 

Concerts  in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy



Involved in various musical experiences, concerts and studio sessions: «Kid Creole & the Coconuts», «Disfunktion» and Joseph Bowie, «Ablo Gandema», «Kollectif K» and Lionel Belmondo, Leon Francioli and Daniel Bourquin, «Jazzorange», «Swiss Unit Reggae», «Moonraisers», «Stress», «A Few Good Men», «Adelante» and Samuel Blaser, «IMO», «Convulsif Big Band», «Afro Sound Spirit» and many more...



Acousma4: cds «Prescience» (1998 ), «Organic Session» (2010)
Marc Jufer Immersion Quartet: «The diving men» (2013), «Black Sheep» (2016)
Marc Jufer Immersion Quartet Swiss tour with Devin Gray (2016)


Andre Kunz - guitar
André Kunz (guit)


BCM Berklee College of Music (Summa Cum Laude) Boston/USA

MGI Münchner Gitarren Institut, Munich/Germany

Jazz Schule Basel/Switzerland



John Damien USA, Jim Kelly USA, John Scofield USA, Steve Coleman USA, Mike Stern USA, Brett Willmot USA, Wayne Krantz USA



USA tour with EMI recording artist Phil Chang, USA tour with Rykodisc recording artist DR. DIDG, multiple Swiss tours with «André Kunz & Jump World», Germany tour with «AK's Groovement», Eric Wainaina CH tour 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 (Kenya), «Cosmic Dogs» CH tour 2003/2004, multiple CH tours with his own trio «Electric Wednesday»


Performed with

Wayne Krantz USA, John Mayer USA, Hedreich Nichols USA/D ( Xavier Naidoo), Zach Danziger USA, Antonio Sanchez USA (Pat Metheny), Eli Degibri USA (Herbie Hancock ), Phil Chang Taiwan, Eric Wainaina Kenya, Marc Lehan Belgium, Matthias Murhagen Sweden, Assen Doykin Bulgaria, Ryan Woodward USA , Dino Govoni USA and many more... 



  • Recognition Award 2013 by the Rentsch Foundation Switzerland

  • Music Award 2005 from the «Kanton Solothurn» Switzerland

  • Award from the Swiss Goverment (Departement of fine arts)

  • Achievement Award from the Rotary Club Switzerland, Guitar Departement

  • Achievement Award for outstanding perfomance (BCM) USA


Jean-Pierre Schaller - bass
Jean-Pierre Schaller (eb)


Since 2006 teacher for bass and ensembles at Hochschule Lausanne (hemu-jazzdepartement)
1980-1990: «No No Diet Bang» (3 cds), «Le doux parfum» (1 cd), «Inside Out» (1 cd)



Balticum, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia
1990–2010: «The Clients», «Funky Brotherhood» (7 cds, multiple  European tours)
«Scorpio Electric» (2 cds)



Eddie Daniels, Bob Mintzer, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Hans Koch, George Robert, Mathieu Michel, Marcel Papaux. Po-Jama-Saraswati project in Jakarta (1 cd), Randy Brecker, Antoine Auberson, Russel Ferrante. Montreux Jazz Festival: guitar and vocal contest (since 2007)



Andy Brugger - drums
Andy Brugger (dr)

Teacher for Drums and  Rhythmic

Teacher for drums and  rhythmic at Jazzschule Zürich since 1987,
ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste) since 1999
Professor, teacher at MKZ.



During the 80ties with Donkey Kong’s Multiscream (2 cds, multiple European tours)

Freelance / Tours

Daniel Schnyder, «Infra Steff’s Red Devil Band», «Jazz Live Trio», Jürg Grau, Harald Haerter, Bill Hardman, «No No Diet Bang» (4 cds, concerts in Paris, Budapest, D, Lituania), «Herbie Kopf’s Hipnoses», Heiri Känzig, Dominik Pifarelli, Charlie Mariano, Annie Whitehead, «Swiss Drum Orchestra», «Le Doux Parfum» (cd and tours in  Slovakia, Canada and Sevilla), Heinz Affolter’s «Electric Moods» (tour in Lituania and Argentina), Michel Wintsch (1 cd), Moncef Genoud Trio (tour in Canada und Tunisia), «Radio Osaka» (3 cds), «Clone Zone», «License To Chill» (live drum’n’bass band), 2 South Africa tours. «Fearless Five» with Michael Gassmann (2 cds), Valeri Toltov «Authentic Light Orchestra»